• Regal Introduces Centurion® PRO Line of Premium Pool & Spa Replacement Motors

    September 1, 2012

    Tipp City, OH – Today Regal Beloit EPC, Inc., formerly A. O. Smith, officially launched the Centurion® PRO line of premium replacement pump motors under the Century® brand of pool and spa motor products. The initial offering of Centurion PRO motors includes six single-speed ratings available in square flange and C-face configurations ranging from 0.95 – 2.20 total horsepower (THP).
    The culmination of several years of research and collaboration with pool service professionals nationwide, the Centurion PRO line of replacement pump motors incorporates a new “hybrid” 56-frame lead end compartment specifically designed with installers in mind.
    In addition to the most reliable governor and switch mechanism in the industry, and complemented by premium bearings on both the pump and lead ends, the Centurion PRO boasts new features housed in an ergonomically superior design installers will find both finger and tool friendly.
    The hybrid end frame layout incorporates ample access space leading from the BX hole to the new, larger, and more durable PCB terminal board to simplify lead insertion and wiring. The new voltage change device likewise promises to speed up the installation process while reducing the likelihood of errors or damage. The voltage plug, with male connector to prevent misalignment, fits specifically to one or the other sets of angled spade terminalslocated on the terminal board representing 230 or 115 volts.
    The ergonomically advanced hybrid end frame also offers a definitive shaft access path marked by an embossed wrench symbol to aid installers in acquiring and locking the shaft for impellor application or removal.
    “With the new Centurion PRO line, Regal addresses the specific needs of pool service professionals seeking durability and installer-friendly features in an ergonomically superior design,” states Warren Doney, marketing director with Regal Beloit EPC, Inc. “We are excited about the evolution of the hybrid design and all along the way the feedback and expertise of distributors and installers has been instrumental in the development of this premium product platform.”
    Immediate plans for the Centurion PRO line include the release of additional single-speed ratings in late 2012, followed by tentative plans for two-speed ratings by mid-2013.
    “The feedback from distributors and installers contributing to the hybrid design project has been and remains overwhelmingly positive,” states Ken Osborne, national sales manager for Century pool and spa motors. “We want to capitalize on the excitement by bringing to market the right mix of premium replacement motors truly designed by pool professionals for pool professionals.”
    For more information on the Centurion PRO premium line of replacement pool and spa motors, visit Century online at www.pool-motors.com. Century is a leading electric motor brand in the leisure water industry owned by Regal Beloit EPC, Inc., a division of Regal Beloit Corporation.
    Regal-Beloit Corporation (NYSE:RBC) is a leading global manufacturer of innovative and efficient solutions for motion control, air flow and power generation. Headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, the company serves customers from its facilities located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific. The company’s common stock is a component of the S & P Mid Cap 400 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.