• Regal Launches VLink™ – The Next Generation of the Motor User Interface Experience from Century®

    September 22, 2016Vlink PR

    TIPP CITY, OH – From the innovative leader in leisure water pump motors, Century® now offers wireless capability for its VGreen® variable speed pump motors with the release of VLink™, a retrofit wireless user interface control.

    The VLink wireless motor interface gives the pool operator the ultimate ability to set, adjust, and monitor a pump motor schedule from virtually anywhere in the world with the use of a smart mobile device. In addition, the programming flexibility allows the user to monitor, manage and calculate energy consumption and savings, and easily and conveniently set custom overrides for parties and cleaning. Energy conscious pool owners now have the ability to wirelessly monitor and manage their VGreen pump motor anytime, anywhere!

    One of the many advantages for the dealer/installer is that VLink is a simple to install, low-cost method of incorporating wireless controllability to any basic pool pad that has a VGreen motor. Installation is a breeze because no high voltage connections are necessary. A simple, low voltage connection between the motor and wireless adapter are all that are needed to power the unit and enable communication. Once the hardware is installed, the simple to use App (available in Android or iOS) is downloaded and onscreen instructions guide the owner or installer through connecting the wireless adapter to the home’s wireless network.

    For the end user, VLink enables many desired features of the VGreen 270 variable speed motor that are integrated into the VGreen 165 but not configurable by the end user. With the use of the VLink wireless motor interface, end users can set and control prime speed and duration as well as freeze protection settings. VLink also enhances the user experience on the VGreen 165 and 270 by allowing up to six custom override settings to be programed. VLink also allows all settings to be stored in the “Cloud” so they will never get lost regardless of power outages or brownouts.

    The VLink wireless motor interface is 100% backwards compatible with previously installed VGreen 165 or 270 variable speed motors, and is a perfect addition to new installations, as well. The VLink wireless motor interface package includes a wireless adapter and mounting plate, two communication connectors, one 18’ communication cable, a watertight communication cable fitting, and two mounting screws and wall anchors.