• Centurion PRO® Premium Replacement Pool & Spa Motors

    Centurion PRO® Premium Replacement Pool & Spa Motors

    When it comes to durability, installer-friendly features, and overall ergonomics, no other replacement pump motor comes close to a superbly crafted Centurion PRO pool and spa motor.

    Every advantage, from the most reliable switch and governor in the industry, to premium bearings on both the pump and lead ends of the motor, to the innovative hybrid end frame with a re-engineered terminal board, new voltage change device and definitive shaft access path, has been put into the hands of pool professionals making it possible to quickly and easily replace a pump motor with a Centurion PRO. The new Triple Seal™ Protection feature is designed into the pump end of the motor to protect the bearings from water, pest and debris, extending the life of the motor. The Centurion PRO design packs best-in-class features into a rugged, accessible layout that improves the installation experience.

    Centurion Pro Table



    • Hybrid end frame design
    • Access to PCB terminal board
    • Voltage change device
    • Definitive shaft access (7/16” wrench)
    • Auto protector
    • UL 1081 design
    • 203 Bearings Both Ends
    • Sealed Ball Bearings
    • NEW Triple Seal™ Protection on pump-end bearing
    • 60 Hz
    • 50°C Ambient
    • Rotation: CCW Pump End
    • 303 Stainless Steel Threaded Shaft
    • Open Dripproof


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