• Two-Speed Pool

    Two-Speed Pool

     The Affordable Energy Saver 

    Common sense might tell you that if you reduce the speed of your swimming pool pump motor by one-half, the pump will pump half as much water while working half as hard. In fact, the pump will pump half the amount of water, but the load on the motor is reduced much, much faster or, more precisely, by the cube of the speed.

    Even though it takes twice as long to pump the same amount of water, the dramatic drop in the amount of horsepower required to do it saves a lot of electricity. 


    • Available in Two-Compartment and Centurion®
    • California Title 20 Compliant
    • Available in 56J, 56C, Square Flange and Thru-Bolt Designs


    Eco-Friendly Electric® Motors Brochure - Bulletin #2800A  Eco-Friendly Electric® Motors Brochure - Bulletin #2800A