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    The AC's and DC's of Electric Motors

    The AC's and DC's of Electric Motors Download Booklet

    The six topics in this booklet are:

    • Basic Principles
    • Motor Construction
    • AC Induction Motors
    • Selecting The Proper Motor
    • Motor Replacement
    • Questions & Answers

    Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration Motors Troubleshooting Guide

    This application guide is not intended to be a repair manual for any of the equipment described. It is intended to provide general knowledge to persons working in fields related to electric motors and to provide service information to qualified persons.

    Pump Motors Application Guide

    Pump Motors Application Guide Download Booklet

    The motors discussed in this application module are those commonly found on swimming pools, spas, jetted tubs, home water systems and other centrifugal pumps. The motors are 48 and 56 frame used to pump water.