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      Century, formerly A. O. Smith EPC has a new line of MasterFit® Pro replacement motors. The enhanced line includes five condenser fan, six direct drive fan and blower motors, plus an all-purpose multi-rating capacitor conveniently packed in every box. 

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      The HeatMaster® line now includes 39 models, each motor is supplied with UL and CSA approved Class F insulation for 70°C max ambient conditions. The Ultra-high-torque designs mean that the HeatMaster® motors work in even the toughest applications.  

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      Century, introduces more motors to their popular line of JuggerNaut® inverter duty condenser fan replacement motors. Twelve models ranging from ½ to 2 horsepower also offer a rigid base option. These 56 frame motors are most popular in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration markets.

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    It’s easy to take the air in a home or building for granted, that is until something goes terribly wrong with your HVACR system.

    We believe that a good HVACR system, along with proper operation and maintenance are the foundations of high quality indoor air and long lasting HVACR systems. We also believe we offer the best selection and design of HVACR motors on the market today.

    We can provide many sources of additional information to make the job of selecting the correct replacement motor a lot easier. Our comprehensive cross reference manual contains over 60,000 OEM par numbers, and our Motor Mastery Training Program is the best in the industry.