• Preventing Bearing Damage on Pool Motors

    January 4, 2018

    BELOIT, Wis., January 4, 2018 — Regal Beloit Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation and power transmission components, discusses preventative measures that can be performed for motor damage anticipation.

    Pool pump motors can take quite a beating from seal failure, irrigation systems, poor ventilation, rain and flood waters, landscaping debris, pests, and improper motor selection or installation. A well-maintained motor can last for many years, while certain conditions may lead to failure within a year of installation. Eventually, even the best equipment will reach the end of its life.

    Replacing and properly installing the pump motor with a high quality seal and ensuring that there are no leaks in the plumbing will maximize the life of a pump motor. Keeping the motor free of surrounding debris and in a dry, well-ventilated environment where air can circulate freely will allow the motor to run cooler and extend its life.

    Figure 1Figure 1: Rust on bearing face is a sign of water intrusion

    However, more often than not, water damage to the bearings will be the demise of the motor (see figure 1). Motors with water damaged bearings will “squeal” and eventually overheat and fail. Pool owners and service technicians should perform routine inspections of the pump and check for leaks that warn of seal failures.

    Figure 2Figure 2: Rust on inboard bearing face that could be prevented by Triple Seal™ Protection  

    Regal® Centurion® PRO motors now feature the new Triple Seal™ Protection designed into the pump end of the motor to protect the bearings from water, pest and debris, extending the life of the motor. Triple Seal Protection was developed to combat premature motor failures associated with pump end bearing failures due to water ingress. Triple Seal Protection is a robust design that protects the pump end bearing on both the outboard and inboard (see figure 2) facing seal of the bearing.

    The Triple Seal™ technology (see figure 3) is comprised of three distinct sealing systems.

    1) The traditional “Century® Seal” which is the first line of defense in preventing moisture from washing the grease out of a bearing.

    2) A IP-55 rated lip seal that is located behind the “Century Seal” ensures any moisture that might make it past is stopped in its tracks.

    3) To protect the inboard seal of the bearing, a sealing system was developed and integrated into the bearing lock plate, preventing moisture ingress to the back side of the bearing.

    Figure 3Figure 3: The Triple Seal™ Protection system protects the pump end bearing from damage from water, pests and debris

    The design of the Triple Seal Protection system does not affect the pump mounting configuration or compromise RPM, starting torque, temperature, amps or overall motor length.

    While Triple Seal Protection is designed to protect the pump end bearing from general water ingress like rain, dust and debris, it is not designed to protect against leaky or improperly installed pump seals, constant spray from irrigation systems, or other extraneous conditions. Installation location of the pump is an important component to the life of bearings. External factors such as landscaping debris, installation in low laying areas that could be susceptible to flooding, dryer vents that exhaust on or close to the motor, overhead drip edges and gutters can all have major impacts on bearing life. Triple Seal Protection is another line of defense from moisture intrusion into the pump end bearing system.

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