• MasterFit® Pro Series – A Treasure Chest of Innovation

    October 8, 2010

    LaVergne, Tennessee – A. O. Smith Electrical Products Company announces the release of the new MasterFit® Pro line of motors.

    The MasterFit Pro line of motors has enhanced features and includes an all-purpose, multirating capacitor conveniently packed in every box.  It is no longer necessary for the service professional to waste valuable time looking for the correct size capacitor.  MasterFit APC™ capacitors cover 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, and 15 microfarads (MFD) ratings to make this the only capacitor needed for a busy contractor’s job.  A complete and simple wiring diagram is included to guide the contractor in selecting the correct rating.

    Five new condenser fan motors (FE6000F, FE6001F, FE6002F, FE6003F, and FE6004F) have 70 degree Celsius (158 degree Fahrenheit) ambient rating and a Class F insulation system that achieves superior dielectric strength for long thermal life.  In addition to Class F rating, the end frames for the condenser fan motors have four mounting holes specifically designed to replace Rheem and Trane OEM motors as well as Rheem mounting holes in the shell.

    Four direct drive fan and blower motors (FD6000A, FD6001A, FDL6001A, and FDL6002A) also have enhanced features that include four speeds, Class B insulation, and Rheem mounting holes in the shell. MasterFit Pro motors are energy efficient, permanent split capacitor, reversible motors that are must-haves for any contractor offering 24-hour emergency service.

    The new MasterFit Pro motors are in stock and ready for immediate shipment:  FE6000F, FE6001F, FE6002F, FE6003F, FE6004F, FD6000A , FD6001A, FDL6001A, FDL6002A.

    For more information regarding A. O. Smith’s MasterFit Pro series motors, visit www.hvac-motors.com to download the MasterFit® Pro bulletin #6000C.

    A. O. Smith Electrical Products Company, based in Tipp City, Ohio, manufactures a comprehensive line of fractional horsepower A/C and D/C, hermetic, and integral horsepower electric motors used in a wide array of consumer, commercial, and industrial products.