• Farm-Rated®


    Century® offers an extensive line of Century® Farm-Rated® motors for farm equipment and many agricultural applications. Typical applications include fans and blowers, feed lot conveyors, liquid manure spreaders, unloaders, compressors, and storage bin conveyors.

    Air-moving motors are available from 1/4 through 30 horsepower for applications including centrifugal fans and blowers, barn coolers, livestock and poultry house coolers, and aeration fans.

    Another core component of the Farm Rated line is the 1/2, 3/4, and one horsepower motors offering providing dependable power for reversing feeders, door openers, gates and machine tools.

    Heavy-duty applications are not excessive to Century Farm Rated motor capabilities with ball bearings lubricated with low temperatures grease; equipped to withstand high starting torque for harsh conditions. High-torque and extra-high-torque motors provide the extra start-up power for vacuum pumps, compressors, stock feeding conveyors, barn cleaners, silo unloaders, and other heavy-duty farm applications.

    Century crop dryer motors are designed for tube axial orvane axial direct-drive dryers applications. Available in single or three-phase, open drip-proof or totally enclosed, these motors range from 5 through 14 horsepower.

    Auger drive motors available from 1/3 through 1- 1/2 horsepower feature manual overloads for safety and high starting torque. Equipped with "N" flange mounting brackets, these auger motors are suited for direct-drive poultry and swine auger feeding systems.
    Milk pump farm motors manufactured by Century have stainless steel shafts and weatherproof features for wash-down capabilities. These motors for milk transfer pumps are available in 1/2, 3/4, and one horsepower. Also available are Zero Milk Tank motors for direct replacement on Zero Milk Tanks.
    Motors for grain stirring represent another component of the Farm Rated line. Featuring manual overload protectors and oversized ball bearings, these motors are moisture resistant for safety and longevity.



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