• VGreen® 085 Variable Speed Motor

    VGreen® 085 Variable Speed Motor

    The VGreen 085 variable speed motor is a durable Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) replacement motor designed to deliver premium energy savings from 40 to 80 percent versus a standard single speed motor. 

    The 115 volt VGreen 085 motor can replace any single speed motor without replacing the pump, turning any pool into a high-efficiency system that is better for the environment and lowers the cost of pool ownership.

    Also available in 1.65 and 2.7 total horsepower.

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    • Freeze Protection
    • Ball Bearing
    • TEFC
    • Rotation: CCWPE
    • Single Phase
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Full Variable Speed (600-3450 RPM)
    • Max Output of 1.65 THP
    • 303 Stainless Steel Shaft
    • Class F Insulation
    • 50°C Ambient
    • UV and Rain-Proof Enclosure
    • Digital Inputs for Third Party Automation
    • VGreen 270 User Interface* Compatibility (*sold separately)


    VGreen 085 Brohure  VGreen 085 Brohure
    VGreen 085 User Manual  VGreen 085 User Manual