• HeatMaster Ultra - 80°C

    HeatMaster Ultra - 80°C

    We proudly offer the HeatMaster® Ultra line of innovative HVAC aftermarket motors available under the Century® brand. The Heatmaster Ultra motor is a 48‐frame PSC totally enclosed condenser replacement motor suitable for all major brands of HVAC equipment. It offers the features and versatility sure to build upon the Century brand legacy defined by inovation and performance.

    Speed Controls

    Head pressure fan speed controls, while offering advantages of greater control and system efficiency for commercial HVAC and refrigeration motor applications, can also cause premature motor failures in motors not designed specifically for their use.

    Our Speed Engineered® HeatMaster® Ultra motors are specially designed and constructed to handle the higher temperatures that can occur when PSC motors are applied with speed controls. Our Speed Engineered solution adds features to reduce nuisance trip outs, bearing failures and premature winding failures.

    High Altitude Applications

    Air at high altitude is less dense than air at sea level, reducing its convective capability and overall heat capacity. All electric devices that rely on natural or forced convection to dissipate heat will experience greater air and component temperature rises for the same amount of power at high altitudes. HeatMaster Ultra motors are UL and CSA tested for 80°C ambient conditions which make them good candidates for these applications.

    New HeatMaster Ultra Line

    Our customers realize that when they purchase a Century® motor, they have purchased a “field‐proven” motor that will meet, and often exceed, their installation and performance needs.

    It’s that special combination of experience, expertise and matchless workmanship that has allowed us to offer the most advanced replacement motor available in the industry..

    The new HeatMaster Ultra line is now available exclusively from your authorized Century motor distributor.

    Superior Features

    In addition to all the features and benefits of the original HeatMaster motor, HeatMaster Ultra motors also have the following added features:

    • Speed Engineered HeatMaster Ultra motors' optimized design allow operation with most head pressure‐speed controls that are often used with head pressure sensors.
    • Class F insulation, high temperature thermal overload protectors and high torque designs mean HeatMaster Ultra motors will handle extreme applications that typical PSC motors cannot withstand.
    • UL and CSA tested for 80°C ambient conditions…another first from Century motors.
    • Ultra High temperature synthetic bearing grease in double sealed ball bearings to make sure the bearings can stand up to the most severe conditions for the intended applications.
    • Multiple mounting holes predrilled in the end frame with mounting screws provided. As manufacturers change their mounting configurations, it’s important for replacement motors to keep up to date with these changes.

    3‐Year Warranty

    We are so confident in the design and quality of the HeatMaster® Ultra line that we back it up with a 3‐year warranty.


    • 80°C (176˚F) max ambient
    • Speed Engineered® motor, for head pressure - speed controls
    • Double sealed ball bearings with high temperature synthetic grease
    • Energy-efficient PSC design
    • 3-year warranty from date of manufacture date code, or 2 years from the date of installation
    • High-temperature UL/CSA approved overload protector
    • UL/CSA approved Class F insulation
    • Water-resistant reversing plug
    • All-angle mount
    • Mounts by belly band, adjustable extended thru-bolts, or mounting holes, with screws supplied
    • Lead length 48"
    • 60 Hertz
    • Totally enclosed
    • Continuous duty, air over


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