• Refrigeration


    Century offers the largest selection of refrigeration motors in the industry:200-plus models to choose from, with a motor for every application. We offer Green Choice®, C-Frame, ECM unit bearing, 3.3" diameter, VFD condenser fan and over one hundred direct OEM replacement motors. The Century refrigeration catalog offers you and your customers the convenience of one-stop shopping.

    Unit Bearing
    A complete line of high-quality unit bearing motors from 2 watt through 75 watt, in aluminum, case iron, single-foot or two-feet mounting. We also offer a complete line of direct OEM replacement motors manufactured in the United States by Electric Motors and Specialists.

    iMotor™ is a bearing, electronically commutated motor (ECM), designed as a direct drop-in replacement for a supermarket case evaporator fans, replacing hundreds of OEM shaded-pole-evaporator fan motors. Available in both 9 and 16-watt designs, be the first to stock the complete line of iMotors today!

    OEM Direct Replacement
    Over one hundred direct OEM replacements are available from Bally, Copeland, HeatCraft, Krack and Techumseh, just to name a few. Direct replacement motors drop right in with no modifications.

    Green Choice®
    Join the national trend in the sale of energy-efficient products. Many ofour nation's leading retailers have made the decision to reduce energy consumption (and their carbon footprint) by retrofitting their refrigeration equipment with energy-efficient electric motor




    • Our Green Choice motors are your opportunity to capitalize on the environmentalresponsibility trend. Green Choice motors will significantly reduce a retailer's environmental impact and lower their electricity costs.