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    Busy commercial refrigeration contractors can now save valuable time and money, while adding versatility to their replacement motor inventories, with the new iMotor high efficiency, multi-watt output replacement motor from Century.

    Stock number 9207F2 is a new unit bearing, electronically commutated motor (ECM) which can replace hundreds of OEM shaded pole evaporator fan motors found in Hussman, Hill, Kysor and other OEM equipment resulting in thousands of dollars in energy saving for a typical supermarket. Use of an ECM design allows the motor to deliver more power with a lower amp draw. Cooler operation results in fewer failures. Less efficient shaded pole motors are often used in original equipment to cut costs. While shaded pole motors do allow some small savings in purchase price, the savings are quickly absorbed in electric bills at today's high power costs. Using 9207F2 as a retrofit to replace shaded pole OEM motors can save the user up to 65 percent in energy usage. The iMotor refrigeration motor also uses less wattage to achieve the same airflow as a shaded pole motor, so it produces less heat. Fewer BTU's in the system means less work for the compressor and reduced compressor wear for even greater savings.

    The new 9207F2 is designed as a 3-in-1TM multi-watt output motor, which allows it to replace 6, 9 and 12- watt PSC and less efficient shaded pole unit bearing motors. By stocking the 3-in-1 design the refrigeration contractor can reduce unnecessary trips to a distributor,reduce long drive times for replacement motors, eliminate temporary motor substitutions,reduce truck-stocking costs and increase billable time.


    • Advanced ECM Design
    • Rain Shield
    • Cast Iron
    • 13" Leads
    • Lyall Plug
    • UL Approved E128044
    • Exceeds 60% Efficiency
    • Low Temperature Oil


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