• Comfort Select~FC

    Comfort Select~FC

    Century's Comfort SelectTM~FC is a brushless DC high efficiency motor that runs off 120 volt single phase input. The motor is controlled by integrated electronics providing advanced motor protection with the same performance characteristics as a shaded pole or PSC (permanent split capacitor) motor. The Comfort Select~FC is designed as a direct replacement or retrofit product for shaded pole and PSC motors and may be used in fan coil and PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) applications as an energy saving retrofit.


    • Drop-in replacement
    • Single phase
    • Brushless DC
    • 3 speeds
    • 5 1/8” diameter
    • 54” lead length
    • Energy efficient


    Comfort Select~FC Series Brochure - Bulletin #6855A  Comfort Select~FC Series Brochure - Bulletin #6855A
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