• Fractional Horsepower Motors

    Durable fractional horsepower motors are available in sizes ranging from 1/20th to five horsepower and include split-phase, permanent split capacitor, capacitor start, and polyphase models. We offer fractional horsepower motors for a wide range of residential and commercial applications:

    Heating and Cooling Equipment

    Universal Electric Blowers: We offer a complete line of crossflow/tangential, centrifugal, and induced draft combustion blowers that range from 20 cubic fee per minute (CFM) airflow to over 1200 CFM. In addition, we offer shaded pole, permanent split capacitor and split phase induction motors that are used in residential and commercial furnace blowers. Our 5 and 1/2 inch diameter motors are designed for direct-drive and belt-driven applications and come in a wide variety of mounting configurations. We have the design expertise for your application. Our capabilities include in-housing airflow testing, CFD, FEA, and 3D CADtools to design for your application.

    Furnace and Air Conditioner Fans: You can count on our motors for quality, dependability, and innovative features. 42-frame and 48-frame permanent split capacitor motors come in a variety of enclosure and mounting configurations. They are designed to stand up tot the challenges of weather, humidity, and corrosive chemicals. Designed for energy management, our ECM motors offer a high-efficiency quiet solution to various applications both residential and commercial. Our motors offer quality, functionality, and economy in an ever-changing industry.

    Replacement motors: We distribute a full line of quality replacement motors for HVAC applications. All replacement motors are designed to meet the original manufacturers' specifications for size and performance. Look in the Yellow Pages for heating and cooling contractors and electric motor supply houses that carry these fine products. For Residential and Commercial ventilation, We offer a comprehensive line of fractional motors that provide the mechanical power to drive exhaust ventilators, attic exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, circulating fans, and industrial blowers.
    Ventilation motors range in size from 1/20th to 3 horsepower.